, a division of Slate Rock Safety, makes it easier than ever for Gas and Oil Workers to shop for Flash Fire and Flame Resistant Clothing. Once on, one click on "Gas & Oil Clothing" directs the user to a wide range of garments that are certified to NFPA 2112: Standard on Flame Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire. FRSafety allows its clients to easily see a wide array of shirts, pants and coveralls available to workers required to wear clothing that protects against flash fire and flame.

Flame-resistant and flash fire protective clothing is designed for workers in areas of electrical maintenance, utilities, oil and gas, petrochemical, and steel, who work in an environment where they are at risk of being exposed to electric arc and/or flash fires. Many gas and oil companies have long worn flame resistant and flash fire clothing. Because of the recent high growth in the extraction of oil and gas throughout the United States, new companies and contractors are entering the market, seeking personal protective equipment (PPE) for their workers., a division of Slate Rock Safety, LLC, is located in Medina, Ohio, and specializes in industrial flame resistant clothing and flash fire protection. Arc ratings, and standards that the garments are certified to, are clearly listed for each clothing product throughout the site for workers and safety managers to browse, learn and shop. A knowledgeable, customer-oriented sales and customer service team is available to contribute to the buying experience, making each and every interaction top notch for every single customer.

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