Our Values

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  • Committed and driven to being part of a “different kind of organization” – driven to be part of a sought after team.
  • Come to work and be motivated to grow and succeed
  • Commit to building a positive team environment and an outstanding customer experience


  • Always look for ways to improve processes internally and externally via leading edge technology, physical execution, and other means
  • Lead industry by example through technology, exceptional customer service, engaging marketing, and order fulfillment that exceeds customer expectations
  • Look to eliminate activities that do not add value to SRS or the customer


  • Adapt to the customer and their needs
  • Find a solution to get things done and act on that solution
  • Commitment to embracing change
  • Deliver an unique customer interaction  


  • Own your job responsibilities and seek the tools you need to thrive
  • Pursue growth and learning opportunities
  • Own every victory, every challenge, every mistake and every failure, because we will experience them all


  • Strive for mutually beneficial business relationships
  • Understand, value, and respect the strengths and weakness of each team member
  • Be candid, straightforward, and respectful to everyone

on all LEVELS


Our Strengths


It’s not just a piece of clothing at Slate Rock Safety. We know our products and the standards that go along with them. Business and government entities initiate programs to ensure the safety of their workers based on industry standards for safety, and the team at Slate Rock Safety can assist in selecting clothing to meet these safety needs. Customer service representatives and sales reps are continuously trained via in-house trainings, manufacturer trainings, webinars and more. Slate Rock Safety ensures that our customer-interaction teams know the answer, or are capable of finding it.


At Slate Rock Safety, we are driven to automate and streamline technology and process for maximum efficiency. Our employees are our best assets, and the greatest return on investment occurs when they interact with customers. Continuously-improving technology compliments and facilitates relationship building and outstanding customer service.


Internet marketing and traditional marketing have spurred the success of Slate Rock Safety. Active e-marketing campaigns including social networking and search engine optimization are integrated with traditional marketing methodologies to ensure a strong brand name for the entire company and each division. Slate Rock Safety has identified niches among their niche, and has used the art of internet marketing to target these audiences.